Since August 2018 Architect as part of Wehdorn Architekten. Projects f.e.:
Restoration Liechtenstein City Palace (top left),
Two storey attic conversion Liechtensteinstraße (project leader, r.o.),
Redesign forecourt Vienna University (draft, l.u.),
Two storey attic conversion Gonzagagasse (project leader, r.u.), u.v

THESIS ("Doktor der technischen Wissenschaften",
Architectural specifications of hydroelectric power plants in Austria

Inventory and analysis of more than 200 hydroelectric power plants of the regional electricity providers (Wienstrom, EVN, Energie AG, Salzburg AG, TIWAG, VKW/VIW, Kelag) and the Austrian National Railway.

Ph.D. in June 2013

> Link (Library TU Wien)

RESEARCH PROJECT: Architektur im Verbund

Research project for the Verbund holding about architectural specifications of hydro-electric, thermal power plants and transformer stations owned by the company. Results can be seen in the publication "Architektur im Verbund".
(ISBN 978-3-211-75795-6, edited by Springer Verlag, Vienna 2007)


DISSERTATION ("Diplomingenieur", equ. MSc):
Die Flaktürme in Wien, Berlin und Hamburg und Neunutzung des Turms im Wiener Arenbergpark als "Haus der Geschichte"

Finished in March, 2006, written in german.
Full version to be borrowed at the library of the Vienna University of Technology.

> text version  (PDF, 16.6 MB)


"Hochbau Studio 2" (Prof. Richter) -
alpine_relax (Traunsee spa)
> what to do (german)
Planning area (3d)
night rendering
plan ground floor
"Rott am Inn - Barockisierung der mittelalterlichen Kirche"
Speech held at Vienna University during the Lecture "Barockisierung mittelalterlicher Kirchen in Deutschland, Italien und Oesterreich".
Leading: Univ. Prof. Dr. Robert Stalla and Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Schwarz.
> PDF in german (2.2 MB)
"Dominikus Boehm an his church St. Engelbert in Koeln-Riehl, Germany"
> PDF in german (1.1 MB)
reconstruction planning Mailberg

asset     draft

architectural draft "hotel guest room" > what to do (german)

plan as pdf

view from entrance view from left
view from outside view from right


architectural draft "bratislava_vienna" > what to do (german)
project with Marcus Pipoh

photography of model from north
air view of model
photography of model from south
 photo view
plan as pdf:
> PLAN - overview     > PLAN - blob     > PLAN - office sphere


architectural draft "venice san marcuola"
a new church community centre for san marcuola next to canale grande
pictures ...
architectural draft "payerbach-redesign"
project "ghega museum"
institute of structural engineering - practice I / 2nd & 3rd part
description | picture 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
semiar paper clay building (in german)
site ...
institute of structural engineering - practice I / 1st part
description | picture 1 | 2 | 3 | 4